MinervaAcme is committed to developing the total personality of our students’ bodies, minds and spirits. Plainly speaking, we believe that there are no magic wands to achieve success overnight and through gimmicks. It is based on the bed-rock of hard work, dedication and involvement of our staff, students and parents. We strive to ignite the intrinsic Potentialities, Critical thinking, Scientific temper and Creativity among the children through the well-organized philosophy of Vedic teachings.


MinervaAcme has a novel plan to bring together staff, students, and parents on a single platform. We believe that attitude changes everything, and that the qualities that make up a man such as generosity, kindness, determination, and hard work, determine the accomplishment of humans. We strive to pool the younger generation’s hands, churn their brains at a young age, and evaluate their progress by holding periodical tripartite meetings so that they become not only successful in their school lives and career, but are also accomplished being with a strong character for life. We work hard to develop character, comradeship, unity, patriotism, scholastic bent of mind, progressive outlook, sacrificing nature and broad thinking among the children. We want to shape them into ideal, challenging, responsible and promising citizens in future.


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